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The Grammy is an American award, let’s support our award shows – Joeboy

Let’s support our award shows – Joeboy

oeboy, a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, recently voiced his perspective on the significance of supporting local award shows alongside acknowledging the prestige of the Grammy Awards. As an artist who has made waves both locally and internationally, Joeboy’s insights shed light on the importance of celebrating and uplifting our own award ceremonies while acknowledging the global impact of prestigious accolades like the Grammys.

In his statement, Joeboy emphasized the value of supporting Nigerian and African award shows as a means of showcasing and honoring the immense talent that exists within our music industry. These local awards provide a platform for emerging and established artists alike to gain recognition, foster creativity, and contribute to the growth and diversity of our musical landscape. By actively participating in and supporting these events, we not only celebrate our cultural heritage but also strengthen the unity and cohesion of our music community.


While the Grammy Awards hold international acclaim and serve as a benchmark of excellence, Joeboy’s sentiment highlights the importance of striking a balance between recognizing global achievements and championing local talent. Supporting our award shows not only promotes inclusivity and diversity but also encourages a sense of pride and ownership among artists, fans, and industry stakeholders. It fosters a vibrant ecosystem where creativity thrives, collaborations flourish, and artists are empowered to reach new heights of success.

In conclusion, Joeboy’s perspective resonates deeply within the music industry, urging us to embrace and elevate our own award shows while acknowledging the significance of global recognition. By celebrating the achievements and contributions of Nigerian and African artists through local awards, we honor our cultural heritage and contribute to the continued growth and evolution of our music industry on a global scale.

By championing our award shows, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of the music industry, ensuring that our artists continue to thrive and inspire audiences worldwide.


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