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Sex for roles’ is a scam in Nollywood – BBNaija Bambam

Sex for Roles…

The notion of “sex for roles” in Nollywood, as revealed by Bambam from BBNaija, sheds light on an ongoing issue within the entertainment industry. In her narrative, Bambam emphasizes that this practice is nothing short of a scam, exploiting the aspirations and talents of aspiring actors and actresses. This revelation underscores the challenges faced by individuals trying to break into the industry, where talent and hard work should ideally be the key determinants of success.

Bambam’s experience serves as a wake-up call for the industry to address such unethical practices and create a safer and more equitable environment for talent to thrive. The prevalence of “sex for roles” not only tarnishes the reputation of Nollywood but also hinders the growth and diversity of creative voices within the industry. It highlights the urgent need for systemic changes and greater accountability to ensure fair opportunities for all aspiring artists.

As discussions around transparency and integrity in Nollywood continue, Bambam’s courage in speaking out against “sex for roles” sends a powerful message of empowerment to fellow artists and advocates for a more ethical and inclusive entertainment landscape. Her story adds to the ongoing dialogue about the challenges and realities faced by those pursuing their dreams in the dynamic world of Nigerian cinema.


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